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It might sound ridiculous but the explosive market of crypto-collectibles and crypto-art is no joke. The importance of NFTs lies in providing the ability to securely value, purchase, and exchange digital art using a digital ledger.

NFTs are commonly created by uploading files, such as digital artwork, to an auction market. 


The Desperate Man: Artist  Gustave Courbet



Not all NFTs adhere to the same standards.

Each defines its own ‘API’ for interacting with it — creating a token, sending a token, displaying metadata. The most common standard, ERC-721, was defined with CryptoKitties.


However other popular tokenized collectibles..

are on a different blockchain, and can’t be interacted with in the same way, or listed on open marketplaces. 


Copy and paste problem

As not all NFTs adhere to the same standards, and as NFTs are commonly created by uploading files /images/gifs, etc; any fraudsters can create, upload, duplicate multiple copies, the classic double-spending problem. 


Mona Lisa: Artist  Leonardo da Vinci


NFT craze will bring with itself fraudsters.

For NFTs the true potential is yet to come.  Big industry players in art, design, or fashion will buy into it sooner or later, ushering in more mainstream auction houses with greater power to bringing in big money; Beeple piece the one that went for $69.3 million.

There’s a lot of money to be made in the NFT market and it just getting started. 

However, as not all NFTs adhere to the same standards, any fraudsters may upload, create, duplicate multiple copies of digital artwork across different protocol chains auction marketplaces, the classic double-spending problem.

Total Security

We are working on an around about solutions to this problem.

Our solutions allow the creator of NFTs or a buyer who wants to resell his NFTs to established provenance/ownership across multiple protocol blockchains ( DLT ). Allowing automated audit, uniqueness, scarcity, and thus command a premium price. 

We are the centralized link in a decentralized ecosystem of island protocols with a common thread of provenance/ownership, interacting with all NFTs API protocols. 

NFT standardization is possible with our process of  badge audit tags;

In to the Future

Vitruvian Man: Artist  Leonardo da Vinci



Nfts Marketplace

A creator’s marketplace for minting to selling NFTs. Buyers marketplace to discover, purchase and resell  NFTs.


Wrapped Nfts

The idea is to allow protocol-specific NFT to be listed outside of their original marketplace on the website. Resulting in a new audience and a premium price.


Sharding Nfts

There are other forms of converting NFTs into currency, apart from wrapping as such.

With fractionalized NFTs /  sharding it is possible to take a high-value NFT and divide it up amongst multiple owners. Shares of this fractional ownership are issued as a currency, such as which represents shares of that particular NFT.


Lending escrow Nfts

Simple, NFTs as collateral for loans. A kind of wrapper, exchange for currency, however, the wrapper is an escrow to be released to the lender if the borrower defaults on their loan.


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That ideology reflects in your unique whitepaper, which has to be seen, listened to, and observed while procrastinating an interlinked working future.  

We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people & open to investment partnerships.

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